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Dynamics 365 Portals

A Portal is a web application, website, or page of a website that allows the people to interact with an organization, products, services, people, or community and much more. It allows businesses to conduct interactions and transactions with guest users, customers, and suppliers instantly, facilitating a more intuitive and connected operation. Basically, it is like a channel between users and the subject.

Do You Know Portals In Dynamics 365?

A Dynamics 365 portal gives your customers access to a web application or a page to communicate and collaborate. Depending on the audience that the portal is catering to, a Dynamics 365 portal can enable people to search knowledge articles, book appointments, enter sales leads, applications, create support issues, suggest new ideas, and collaborate with communities to learn more about products and services.

Here Dynamics 365 Portals Is More About Businesses
And Audience Related To It.


Content management portals


Customer Portals


Employee Portals


Community Portal


Partner Portal

How Do Izenix Solutions Come To Play?

As you are aware there are several Dynamics 365 portals to choose from and depending on the use cases and business requirements Izenix solutions help you pick the right portal for your organization.

Izenix Solutions offer distinct types of feature-rich Dynamics 365 portals for various industries like – education, financial, healthcare, nonprofit, insurance, real estate, research, trading, product, and service-based companies, and so on. In addition, we also provide portal development services for various use cases and users like partners, vendors, anonymous users, affiliates, customers, etc. Our team is here to gather all required information.

We at Izenix can help you figure out the right portal that satisfies your business requirement and scales your outcome. Click to take a demo with all options we could make possible connecting with you.


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